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Online Entrance Exam

Online Entrance Exam for admission to Class XI

Time: 2.00 hrs. Total Marks: 320
Date: 13-03-2021 Time: 6pm to 8pm
Stream 1: Biology Stream 2: Computer Science
Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer
Question Paper Pattern
Physics 20, Chemistry 20, Maths 30, Biology 10 Physics 20, Chemistry 20, Maths 30, Reasoning 10
General Instructions
  1. Students are advised to take the exam from a Laptop / Desktop computer with an active / steady internet connectivity.
  2. Stable internet connection - Stable internet connection with minimum 1mbps speed should be ensured before the commencement of online exam.
  3. The online question paper contains 80 questions.
  4. For each question, five answers are suggested and given against A, B, C, D and E of which only one will be the most appropriate answer. Each correct answer will be awarded four marks, one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  5. Negative Marking: To discourage wild guessing, the score will be subject to penalization formula based on the number of right answers marked and the number of wrong answers marked.
  6. Uses of calculators, textbooks, notes, online browsing, Googling etc are not permitted during the exam.
  7. Any malpractice, suspicious activity or attempt to commit any kind of malpractice in the examination will disqualify the candidate.
  8. Complete the exam within the time limits and students will not get additional time.
  9. Students may attend the exam from home or any other convenient place. Blank paper, clipboard, log tables, slide rules, can be used for rough work.
  10. Students must not use headphones, ear buds, or any other type of listening equipment during the exam.
  11. While exam is going on should not communicate with any other person by any means.
  12. Steady presence in front of the system throughout the test time, is necessary.
  13. Presence of any other person near the system is not allowed.
  14. Note: Only one submission is allowed per candidate, and you must submit the completed answers by or before 8:05 pm IST; else, none of the answers will be accepted, and the exam stands cancelled.
  15. If you are using Microsoft Teams / Office 365 for your school, please log out of that account completely before login using the SAPS online exam account to avoid issues with “Not Authorised Issues”. Alternatively, you can login to online exam link from a private browser tab / incognito mode.
  16. If you are selected after the entrance examination, you will get the notification/message from school office within one day.