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Exemplary in service and exuberant in impact, St Antony's Hostel for Girls run directly by the management of the SAPS has been inimitably perfect in all aspects of its functioning since its institution in 2014. The inmates of this hostel are looked after by hearty, experienced, and committed nuns of the Venerian Congregation. The nuns reside with the students and see to it that all personal and scholastic needs of the hostlers are duly met. Latest of the hostels of SAPS, St Antony's houses within its spacious and ravishing compound 110 single rooms, 50 four-bedded rooms, and 25 two-bedded rooms. Students of higher secondary sections receive preference for admission.

All modern conveniences necessary for a comfortable stay and effective studies are made available and the support and supervision system in place is unblemished. The hostel is located within the school premises and is safe and secure in all respects. Fully mechanized kitchen and the care taken in all possible ways ensure that the inmates' diet is supple, ample, and luscious. The hostlers are provided with good laundry service on demand. Regular health checkups and strict upkeep of a healthy life style are a few of the features of this hostel. Medical care and scientific counseling are also made available if necessary.

The principle of multiple intelligence is taken into account in designing the time frame and study facilities of the hostel. There are sufficient personnel and facilities for ensuring the maintenance of the time frame and effective utilization of the facilities. Newspapers and reading room, doubt clarification and reference facilities, separate rooms for silent, loud, and/or group studies and an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness cater to the sundry scholastic needs of the students. Name a common study facility needed in a first-rate hostel and it is at hand in St Antony's Hostel.

The wellbeing and advancement of the students admitted in St Antony's Hostel is a shared and pleasant responsibility of the parents, SAPS, and the hostel management and regular parents' meeting ensure the same. The hostel reflects the vision of the school and provides all hardware and software facilities required for the comprehensive development of the students. Friendly relations, colorful celebrations, and cultural events add to the joys and benefits of life at St Antony's.

Sacred Heart Hostel for Girls has been consistent in proving its dedication and effectiveness ever since the beginning of its functioning in 1991. It is a committed concern of the Sacred Heart Congregation run directly by the experienced nuns residing with the inmates. There is a convent attached to the hostel ensuring 24x365 close supervision and intervention. The hostel, with its perfect academic ambiance and homely atmosphere, offers accommodation and all facilities necessary to fulfill the study needs of 200 girl students of St Antony's Public School Anakkal. Preference is given to the plus one and two students but students of standards VII to X are also admitted if necessary.

The hostel offers all facilities for the personal and study needs of the hostlers and maintains a faultless system that ensures a comfortable stay and effective study. Situated close to the school, the hostel is safe and secure in all respects. The food served is healthy, tasty, and fresh and it is prepared in the hostel kitchen itself. There are attached and non-attached rooms and seventy students can be accommodated in the attached rooms. The rooms, sufficiently spaced and furnished, accommodates two, four, or six students. The laundry facility is made available thrice a week.

The timetable followed by the hostel and ensured by the supervising nuns is designed to cater to the varied study needs of the inmates and it takes into concern their multiple interests and orientations. A full-time teacher sees to it that the students follow the study protocol and that their doubts are cleared and that all their related needs are satiated in time. The hostel is friendly with the different study methods of the students and there are ample facilities, including separate study halls, for silent study as well as for learning by loud reading.

The hostel management works hand in hand with the parents and to ensure this, regular parents' meeting is held. Need-based medical care and scientific counseling are made available. Cultural activities, a celebration of various feasts, and arts and sports events add the color and joy of the hostel life here.

Hostels are the second homes for kids pursuing their studies far from home. Our Benedictine Hostel is the epitome of a homely environment with quality assured facilities, effective guidance and regulations, advanced structural provisions, and a full-fledged support system for students.

The spiritual and serene atmosphere is one of the greatest blessings of the hostel. The hostel is founded and managed by the fathers of St Thomas Benedictine Abbey. The hostel started in 2001 exclusively for the male students of St.Antony's Public School. The Abbot of the Abbey is Fr. John Kurichiyani and the director is Fr. John Puzhakkara.

The hostel provides accommodation for 500 students. The advanced structural provisions include an ultra-modern kitchen with dining in mess halls, quiet and well-arranged study halls, adequately furnished dormitories, and the modern laundry system. The facilities offered in the hostel are of high standards and the hostel authorities always ensure that it satisfies the desires and ambitions of students and parents. There will be constant monitoring of wardens to ensure discipline and extrinsic motivation for learning.

The warden and assistant wardens of the hostel are in constant contact with parents and they consider it as their duty to ensure that each and every student excels in academics and co-curricular activities. The mental, spiritual and physical well being of the students are properly taken care of by trained professionals. The extracurricular activities like various cultural programs, sports events, and special day celebrations enrich the Benedictine hostel life.