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Established in the year 1988, the school has already made its presence felt in the education field of Kerala within a few years. SAPS has become one of the most sought after CBSE schools in the state.

  • Spacious class rooms with all facilities conducive to learning
  • Qualified, well trained and caring teachers
  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Monthly seminars / Quizzes on current affairs
  • Library with excellent collection of books and periodicals
  • Facilities for co-curricular activities, extra-curricular and Personality Development program
  • Easy transportation and communication facilities
  • Canteen and School store


News Updates

The Exams for Classes I, III, V and VII will be rescheduled and the new time table will be issued in the next working day. There will be regular classes for Classes  I to X on the next working day.

Its all about Excellence in Education!

SAPS is an educational center that aims to cultivate and nurture whole individuals through its curriculum, co-curricular activities and enrichment programs that would prepare its students for higher education in the future. They will also be taught responsibility towards the local and global communities and be poised to make distinguished contributions in all walks of life. Continue reading